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Values & Mission

Our Values for a Better World

ASONEXT spares no effort for its customers. Together we create solutions that make it possible to master the major challenges of the future.

We aim to increase the competiveness of our customers and satisfy our responsibility towards nature and people. ALDO ARTIOLI, FOUNDER ASONEXT


By ensuring only sparing use is made of resources when manufacturing our steel products, we also make a contribution to a sustainable world. Our products serve to optimise energy generation, safeguard supply and provide a basis for eco-friendly mobility.


Our special steels and high-precision products give our customers a decisive competitive advantage on the globalised market – thanks to solutions that are more efficient and which come with a longer service life whilst at the same time pushing the boundaries of progress.

Corporate Values

We adopt the values of a family-run group of companies: accepting responsibility, adhering to a top performance standard based on honesty and reliability. We are always happy to take on new challenges and develop suitable solutions.